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Online Industrial and Organizational Psychology Master's Degree Guide

Online Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology

What do Industrial and Organizational Psychologists do? According to the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) it is science for a smarter workplace. I-O Psychologists are the liaison between the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for Industrial Organizational Psychologists is $144,000.00.

By using psychology and best practices in business, it is their job to increase employee satisfaction, which reduces turnover, and increases productivity, which increases profitability. As you would imagine, this is sought after by businesses.

It is like Human Resources that's also dedicated to the businesses' profitability. It's a hybrid field between business and psychology.

Statistics and scientific analyses are often used to make sense of how a business can improve, and employee tests, surveys, and interviews are some methods used to determine employee satisfaction.

The goal is to make the company a better place to work, and make the company more profitable. IO Psychologists often work with Human Resources departments on hiring practices and company policies.

Online Industrial and Organizational Psychology Master's Degree Guide

Master's degrees, whether online or on-campus, are typically two years in duration. Depending on the program, an online master's degree can be approximately 36 hours of credits required.

Using Southern New Hampshire University's online Master of Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology concentration as an example, 36 hours are required, and this program doesn't lead to state licensure.


  • Motivation in the Workplace
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Seminar in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

The concentration consists of 12 credits. This program is a master's in Psychology with a concentration in IO Psychology. Some online master's programs are not concentrations, but the entire master's is oriented for IO Psychology instruction in particular.