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Full Sail University

Located on 210 acres in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University has been educating since 1979. Full Sail specializes in education in the entertainment industry, offering 78 degrees, with over 18,000 students enrolled and an alumni network over 50,000. Full Sail offers campus based and online education.

The facilities, softwares, hardwares, and programs are state-of-the-art, on campus and online.

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Full Sail University: Online Bachelor’s Degrees

1. Game Design

The Bachelor of Science in Game Design teaches students how to create video games from top to bottom, preparing them for careers working in professional video game studios.

The courses teach how to take a concept and make it into a compelling video game, complete with story line, world building, creating levels, designing prototypes, to the final product. The course teaches how to design these video games online, on computers, on game consoles, and mobile devices. The degree consists of 120 credit hours and lasts 128 weeks.

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2. Game Art

The Bachelor of Science in Game Art teaches students the skills to create the worlds in which video games exist. The program focuses specifically on fundamentals of interactive graphics development, which include character creation, environment and prop creation, game effects, and animation.

Game Art teaches students how to take traditional art and make realistic models that come to life in video game engines. Students learn to refine their art through the use of textures, lighting, and visual effects for 2D and 3D gaming. The program consists of 120 credit hours and lasts 128 weeks.

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3. Mobile Development

The Bachelor of Science in Mobile Development teaches students programming and design fundamentals to prepare them for careers developing interactive content and applications for various mobile devices. The program approaches the instruction from bottom to top in making mobile apps, from preproduction and development to when it hits the app market for sale.

Students learn the strengths of mobile devices and how to make mobile apps intuitive for the user. Student learn skills such as programming languages, design, and mobile user experience for platforms like iOS and Android. Students will create their own original applications in class projects. The program consists of 120 credit hours and lasts 128 weeks.

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4. Computer Animation

Learn how to create animation for movies, commercials, videos, etc. with a degree in Computer Animation. Animators work on a variety of projects, and are a vital part of the business of visual arts, whether it be cartoons, pixar animation, computer generated graphics, special effects, etc. This degree consists of 120 credit hours and lasts for 128 weeks. Students learn to animate in 2D and 3D dimensions.

5. Creative Writing for Entertainment

The Bachelor’s in Creative Writing for Entertainment educates students in storytelling, emphasizing scriptwriting and screenwriting. The course is 128 weeks long and consists of 120 credit hours. Students will learn to refine their writing skills through exercises, assignments, and projects that are designed to prepare graduates for lasting careers as creative writers.

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6. Digital Cinematography

Digital Cinematography merges traditional filmmaking with modern technology used in independent news reporting, documentary filmmaking, commercials, and internet video. Students learn scene composition, color theory, creative writing, and editing. There is a final project in which students will create and edit their own original videos. The program lasts for 128 weeks, and consists of 120 credit hours.

7. Graphic Design

As companies compete for marketshare, their company brand is crucial, and graduates with Graphic Design degrees are sought after to provide companies brand recognition and therefore a competitive edge. Graphic Design is everywhere, in print publications, billboards, online, movies, etc.

This program educates students to design in print and 2D, motion graphics, interactive design, and professors assist students in developing their design portfolio. The degree requires 120 credit hours and lasts 128 weeks.

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8. Media Communications

Media Communications merges the discipline of Communication with the many aspects of modern media. Communication is necessary in every industry, but especially in the the entertainment industry. This program runs for 128 weeks and requires 120 credit hours.

Students will learn how to communicate effectively across various media, such as the internet, visual arts, written communication, and video media. Students will learn how to engage different audiences across different media platforms, and how to best convey their message in the most impactful way.

9. Music Business

Full Sail’s Music Business Bachelor of Science Degree program teaches students the many facets of the music business, including instruction in major record labels, film, television, sports media, video game developers, online music-streaming websites, advertising agencies and others. This multifaceted approach gives students an advantage.

By knowing the different business aspects interwoven in the music business, and not just specialized in one aspect, graduates will be more marketable in the field of music business. The degree requires 120 credit hours, and lasts 128 weeks. Students will learn music business marketing, management, retail and distribution, accounting, business law, music royalties, and other important functions in the music business.

10. Music Production

The Music Production Bachelor of Science degree teaches musicians, songwriters, and composers how to produce and record music professionally. Students learn how to use modern music hardware and software technology used in professional recording studios.

Students create their own original songs, video scores, and motion picture soundtracks. This degree includes instruction in music theory, music history, and how to compose music. This degree program lasts for 128 weeks, and consists of 120 credit hours. Instruction includes studio engineering.

11. Sports Marketing & Media

The Sports Marketing and Media Bachelor of Science degree students learn the principles of marketing in the sports industry, through courses such as Global Sports Marketing Strategies, Popular Culture and Media, Sports Sales and Sponsorships, Cultural Studies and the Web, and Sports Marketing Research.

Students learn how to combine a profitable bottom line with the imagination of designers. This course lasts for 128 weeks, and consists of 120 credit hours.

12. Web Design & Development

The Web Design & Development Bachelor of Science degree teaches both front-end and back-end web development. Students will learn to conceptualize, code, and publish their very own original, standards-based content on the internet, smartphones, tablets, and other formats.

Students will learn a broad range of design languages, such as HTML5, CSS, XML, ActionScript, JavaScript, and more. Throughout the course, students create their own portfolios, and Full Sail offers career guidance for students first entering into the business of web design. This course lasts for 128 weeks, and consists of 120 credit hours.

Online Master’s Degrees

1. Mobile Gaming

Master of Science in Mobile Gaming degree students will create their own game on a mobile device from start to finish in an environment that prepares graduates for working in a commercial game studio.

Students will learn each step of the process, from concept development and advanced programming, to QA testing and final deployment. Programming taught is specific to mobile devices and focuses on maximizing game experience by incorporating things like mobile GPS.

Students will research the psychology of gaming, player’s patterns, game-place mechanics, and motivation and learning processes. This program consist of 36 hours and lasts for 48 weeks.

2. New Media Journalism

The New Media Journalism Master of Arts degree teaches students a pragmatic, practical knowledge of how to produce news and event content on platforms such as websites, mobile applications, blogs, and social media, which dominate the media industry.

The degree is 12 months long, and requires 47 credit hours. Students will gain advanced knowledge in how news is approached in social networking, mobile communications, interactive media, and multimedia reporting, podcasts, and broadcast television.

Students will also get technical instruction in video production, photography, and digital publishing, which is incorporated into class projects. Students will also learn the principles of personal branding.

3. Public Relations

Students in Public Relations will gain an understanding of how to plan, research, execute, and evaluate effective PR media plans in Social Media Metrics and ROI and Market and Consumer Research Analysis.

Additionally, classes such as Integrated Marketing Communication and The Online Media Room will show students how to leverage social media to create powerful dialogues with an organization’s public and stakeholders.

The program’s project-based curriculum takes you beyond theory, encouraging you to work with real clients and real public relations challenges.

You’ll showcase your efforts in a personal web site, and develop your personal brand and social presence – establishing yourself as a powerful force within the world of PR. The course consists of 38 credit hours and runs for 48 weeks.

4. Creative Writing

In the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree students will learn to be professional creative writers in the entertainment and media industry.

Students will learn the art of storytelling across various media, such as film, television, animation, and gaming.

By doing class projects, students will also learn screenwriting from conceptualization to the finished product. Throughout the class, students develop an online portfolio that supports their writing projects, which they will also learn how to market.

The program consist of 47 credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks.

5. Media Design

The Master of Fine Arts in Media Design teaches what is behind design and looks at the many opportunities in multi-channel marketing. Students will work through research projects, marketing studies, and the degree will culminate with a Thesis Project in media across various platforms.

Brand development, design integration, design strategies and motivations, and production within the design industry are learned. The program consists of 58 credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks.

6. Business Intelligence

The Master of Science in Business Intelligence program gives instruction on how to mine, collect, manage, analyze, interpret, and display Big Data, using various modern tools and technologies. The program teaches data management, analysis, and business intelligence by developing technical and analytical skills in visualizing data, reporting, project management, and developing leadership.

The program consists of 36 credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks. As the business world gets more and more complicated, Business Intelligence becomes more and more necessary. Businesses increasingly need data to be collected and made meaningful, and this degree is ideal for meeting this demand.

This degree makes sense for analytically minded people who enjoy handling and solving analytical issues.

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7. Entertainment Business

The Master of Science in Entertainment Business degree teaches students the entertainment business through courses such as Entertainment Business Finance, Executive Leadership, and Negotiation and Dealmaking.

As part of the program students will interact with entertainment business professionals as well as traditional businesses, which leads to professional networking and learning how industry professionals, and business leaders in general conduct their business.

This program consists of 41.5 credit hours, and lasts for 48 weeks.

8. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program teaches students to identify, research, and evaluate potential opportunities in business. Case studies of recent innovative technology businesses are reviewed and analyzed.

Students will learn how to take a business idea and turn it into a business through courses such as Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Innovative Work Environments, and Business Model Development. This program consists of 36 total credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks.

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9. Instructional Design & Technology

The Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology degree combines traditional learning settings with modern technology and media. This program gives instruction on how to develop learning environments using podcasts, video presentations, games, music, and educational multimedia. Students also explore learning theories and instructional models, and determine which are most effective in different learning environments.

This program consists of 36 credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks. This program is ideal for students who are creative, and want to learn how to express their efforts using technology. With the popularity of mediums such as podcasts and video instruction, this degree is increasing in its relevance to the mainstream.

10. Internet Marketing

The Master of Science in Internet Marketing degree teaches marketing on the internet. Students learn marketing methodologies, Internet law, advertising principles, social media networks, and search engine optimization. The program teaches marketing principles for selling products, developing a company brand, and protecting a company’s reputation.

In a final capstone project, students create their own Internet marketing campaign. This program consist of 37 credit hours and lasts for 48 weeks. Internet Marketing is an ever increasingly growing and valuable field. Most businesses have an online presence, and a continuing need to market themselves and their product.

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Online Graduate Certificates

1. Instructional Design & Technology

The Instructional Design and Technology Graduate Certificate takes certain courses from the Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology program.

Students learn how to incorporate video presentations, video games, music, and educational multimedia into the classroom. Students must have a bachelor’s degree to enroll in Full Sail’s Graduate Certificate programs. This program consists of 12 credit hours and lasts for 16 weeks.

2. Internet Marketing

The Internet Marketing Graduate Certificate takes certain courses from the Master’s in Internet Marketing program. Students are taught introductory Internet marketing and analysis, search engine optimization, and consumer behavior.

The program focuses on preparing students to effectively market company products and raise company brand awareness online. Students must have a bachelor’s degree to enroll in Full Sail’s Graduate Certificate programs. This program consists of 12.5 credit hours and lasts for 16 weeks.