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This page is dedicated to career information for subjects relevant to degree rankings at Successful Student. Career information is important in the decision making process of what degree to get in what subject. We provide career data for students.

The Best Online Associate's Degrees for Careers

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Successful Student has compiled the best online Associate’s degrees for careers.

Associate’s degrees are typically offered by community colleges at a lower cost than four-year universities, and can be completed in half the time (or less).

Since 1983, money earned by those with an Associate’s degree has increased by 15%, according to Georgetown University.

What Do Game Designers Earn? Salary Information

Certificate in Game Design

Game Design degrees are available on campus and online at colleges and universities around the U.S. Students who are interested in pursuing a Game Design degree want to know what potential game designer job prospects are available after graduation.

The Best Online Humanities Degrees for Careers

the best online humanities degrees for careers

The Best Online Humanities Degrees for Careers are organized by subjects within the Humanities.

Humanities are often defined as the study of humanity and the human condition.

A degree in the Humanities teaches thinking, problem solving, relating and sharing ideas. These qualities are often sought by employers.

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How To Become A Forensic Scientist: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Become a Forensic Scientist

This article is a guide for students interested in Forensic Science. We answer frequently asked questions. These include what Forensic Science is, what Forensic Science jobs are available, and degree questions relevant to becoming a Forensic Scientist.

The 20 Best Online Degrees To Get For Careers

Best Online Degrees for Careers

Each year we research and determine which online degree subjects can lead to work in the highest paying careers. The Best Online Degrees to get for Careers is a list of online degree subjects which have the highest salary potential. These online degrees are ranked by potential salaries, from highest to lowest.

The Best Degrees and Jobs for Generation Z

The Best Degrees for Generation Z

Generation Z birth year starts at 1997 and goes through 2012, which puts this generation between 10 – 25 years old, according to the Pew Research Center. There was no time in which people born within this time frame didn’t live with the internet. The internet is as normal as electricity to Generation Z.

Degree and Career Guide for School Counseling

School Counseling

The programs typically emphasize meeting the personal, social, emotional, academic, as well as career readiness needs of all students. Master in School Counseling degree programs cover techniques utilized in counseling individuals and groups within culturally and economically diverse populations.

Available Master’s degrees include a Master of Science, Master of Arts, and Master of Education.

The Best STEM Degrees for Careers of the Future

The Best STEM Degrees for Careers of the Future

Successful Student has created this list based on career stability, longevity, growth rate, and the need that these fields have for current and future employees.

Jobs in Information Assurance and Cyber Security

IT Security Analysts

Cyber security focuses on securing the safety of computers and computer systems in a networked environment. Cybersecurity involves protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attackers.

Typically, cyber security approaches security issues from a broader background, including political, socio-economic, and psychological contexts. Information assurance involves protecting and defending information and information systems.

Marketing Degrees | A Guide For Students

Marketing Animation and Graphic Designers

An online marketing degree provides graduates with basic marketing principles and insights for just about any industry. Typically, marketing degree programs cover all the stages of the marketing process, from research and analysis to implementing the marketing campaign.

30 Best Online Business Degrees for Careers

The Best Online Business Degrees for Careers

The best online Business degrees to get for careers is organized alphabetically. If you prefer the flexibility and convenience of an online business degree, you have a wide variety from which to choose at the undergraduate and graduate levels. There are many exceptional online business schools across the US.

The degrees include Business Administration, Finance, Project Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and more. We made this list based on what degrees are best for careers in modern business, based on salary and growth rate over the next ten years.

The Best Cosmetology Programs


We have ranked the best Cosmetology programs in the US. This ranking is designed for students to make informed decisions when choosing a Cosmetology school.

The 10 Best Dental Hygienist Programs

The Best Dental Hygienist Programs in the U.S.

This is a ranking of the best Dental Hygienist programs in the United States. Degrees include undergrad and graduate programs in Dental Hygiene. Graduates need at least an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene and the state license in which state they want to work. However, bachelor’s and master’s grads likely have a competitive advantage over associate’s degree holders for gaining employment.

17 Online MicroMaster's Programs Across the World

Best MicroMaster's Around the Globe

A new education tool has been developed to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of learning and qualifications in our world.

Online Sports Management Colleges

Sports Management

Sports have become a multi billion dollar industry as well as a cultural expression. Children learn social skills and the importance of team work through sports. 

Top 20 Culinary Schools

Culinary School

This is a ranking of the Top 20 Culinary Schools in the United States. This ranking was designed for students.

The Best Paying Jobs In Healthcare


These are the highest paying career fields in healthcare.

The purpose of all of the efforts and accomplishments in primary school and college is, for most people, twofold: learning for the sake of becoming educated, and to build academic credentials to find a well-paying or otherwise satisfactory career.

Average Tenure in Public and Private Sectors

Public Safety Administration

What is the average tenure in public versus private sectors?

When choosing a career, consider a field in which you will be changing companies often, or staying at one or two companies until retirement.

Certain industries have longer tenure tracts for the employees than others, and education plays a factor in work tenure as well.

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