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The Best Paying Jobs In Healthcare

Nurse and Doctor

These are the highest paying career fields in healthcare.

The purpose of all of the efforts and accomplishments in primary school and college is, for most people, twofold: learning for the sake of becoming educated, and to build academic credentials to find a well-paying or otherwise satisfactory career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a department within the United States Department of Labor, lists the best paying jobs on their website, titled "Occupational Employment Statistics".

It is organized into categories by kind of work, and is as varied as Financial Analyst to Actor, Baseball Umpire to Dentist.

This information is collected in every state in the Unites States, including the District of Columbia.

Out of 1,089 jobs listed the top ten earners are all in medical fields.

These positions are listed with their annual mean wage.

The Best Paying Jobs In Healthcare

1. Anesthesiologists, $232,830.00

2. Surgeons, $230,540.00

3. Obstetricians and Gynecologists, $216,760.00

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, $216,440.00

5. Internists, General, $191,520.00

6. Physicians and Surgeons, $190,060.00

7. Orthodontists, $186,320.00

8. Physicians and Surgeons, All Other, $184,820.00

9. Family and General Practitioners, $180,850.00

10. Psychiatrists, $177,520.00

11th place goes to Chief Executives, at $176,840.00. Positions 12-17 all belong to the medical field as well. If you're interested in seeing what options are available in the medical field as online degrees, our Degree Finder will guide you to online medical programs, from which you can request more information.