The Best Online Screenwriting Colleges

The Best Online Screenwriting Colleges

The Best Online Screenwriting Colleges

  1. Grand Canyon University
  2. Regent University
  3. Academy of Art University
  4. University of California Los Angeles
  5. New School
  6. Missouri State University
  7. New York Film Academy

This is a ranking of the best online Screenwriting colleges in the US. This ranking was made to help online students make the most informed decisions concerning online Screenwriting colleges and degree options. All rankings at Successful Student are designed for students.

Screenwriters combine storytelling, art, and music in what may be the perfect fit for those with such creative talents. We have ranked the best online screenwriting colleges in the US. This ranking was made for online students.

Whether it’s for the big screen, television, or even video games, screenwriting is a varied and unique field which tends to have flexible hours, a median wage of over $61,000 per year, and is expected to have a two percent job growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many within the field are self-employed or work freelance developing content for advertisements, movies, music videos, and many other types of media. Other tasks of screenwriters include developing scripts for shows, promoting or selling their stories, and editing or doctoring scripts to fit the needs of show directors. Factual research may be required depending on the script.

Screenwriters can work at all levels from the local theater with live actors to Hollywood and the big screen shows.

The key skill for screenwriters is to be able to combine dialogue with visual features to create an engaging and attractive performance for the target audience. Without a screenwriter, there is no show.

Online Screenwriting Colleges Ranking Guidelines

A minimum of a college degree is often required for full time positions and excellent writing skills are the key to a lasting career.

Online Screenwriting Degree Spotlight:

Best Online Screenwriting Colleges

1. Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ)

Founded as a Baptist school for higher education, Grand Canyon University continues to maintain its ‘biblically rooted mission’ throughout all the available programs, including the College of Fine Arts and Production’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film: Screenwriting program. This comprehensive undergraduate degree requires 120 credits broken down into: Students will cover a variety of class topics including: Online courses run seven weeks in duration. Upon graduation students should be able to apply to entry level potions in advertising agencies, digital design agencies, corporate film production agencies, and other creative entities.

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2. Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)

Regent University operates the School of Communication and the Arts which offers the Master of Fine Arts in Film – Television: Script Writing. This is both an on-campus and online terminal degree program, consisting of 44 total credit hours. Course topics include: Upon graduation, students should expect to have a portfolio of three full-length scripts minimum. Other similar degree programs offered at the undergraduate level include the Bachelor of Arts in Animation, and the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies with a concentration in English.

3. Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA)

The mission of the School of Motion Picture and Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco is to foster “creativity and independence in film-making as an art” in all of its students. All of the degrees offered, from the Associate of Arts through the Master of Fine Arts, are taught by industry experienced professors who work in conjunction with over 60 of the top online entertainment specialists to bring a quality curriculum to all students. The various fields of study offered include: Screenwriting is available online as an Associate’s or Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. A total of 132 units are required for graduation with 36 core units, 42 major units, nine elective units, and 45 liberal arts units.

4. University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

The School of Theater, Film, and Television offers a Professional Program in Screenwriting Online. This graduate level certificate track occurs over three academic quarters. Students will participate in 30 video lectures and weekly screenwriting workshops. The video lectures expose students to the theories and techniques of analyzing films and other scripts, providing ample exercises and sample writings. The screenwriting workshops allow students to submit their own work for reviews and critiques by professors and peers. With a limited class size of eight students, the workshops allow for a more personalized educational experience and bonding with fellow classmates. At the end of the three quarters students will be awarded a certificate of completion.

5. New School (New York, NY)

For the Certificate in Screenwriting from the School of Media Studies at the New School in New York City there is no formal admissions process. Students must meet basic eligibility requirements with most being accepted to the program. There are six total courses, with four required sequential classes: The additional two elective courses may be selected from the Screenwriting or Film Studies curriculum. Examples of these courses include:

6. Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)

Missouri State University offers a Graduate Certificate in Screenwriting for Television and Film. To apply for the program, students must submit a writing sample of five to ten script pages, or five to ten pages of prose. Once granted admission, students get a 15 hour graduate type of experience, which prepares the students’ script portfolio for working submissions on a professional level. Students who wish to further their education may pair the Graduate Certificate training nicely with terminal degrees such as the Master of Professional Studies: Producing and Screenwriting, Master of Arts in Communication, Master of Arts in Writing, or the Master of Arts in English.

7. New York Film Academy (New York City, NY)

The passion and mission of the New York Film Academy is to prepare its students to succeed in all areas of the visual and performing arts. As such, screenwriting is at the heart of the curriculum. New York Film Academy offers online workshops in Screenwriting. Online screenwriting workshops include: Online workshops typically run for 15 weeks with weekly classes. Instructors will provide feedback between sessions and may be available for live Skype discussions upon request.

Online Screenwriting Colleges Ranking Guidelines

As always at Successful Student, this ranking was made for students, and rankings are based on academic reputation, type of degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Certificate) and the variety and depth of course offerings.