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Online Early Childhood Education Degrees

What does an Early Childhood Education Degree teach?

While earning an Early Childhood Education Degree, a student will develop an understanding of childhood development and learn how to create and implement age-appropriate curriculum and programs. Students will become well-acquainted with the general education industry and various theories of development while strengthening skills necessary to foster growth through classroom and individual instruction. Students will learn to utilize methods of observation, testing and corroboration with family and friends of the subject to develop, recommend and implement programs and learning plans for children. The degree ultimately aims to equip individuals to become advocates for their students' education.

What do Early Childhood Educators do?

The intention of a good Early Childhood Educator is ultimately to guide children, as opposed to leading them, down a path of education while facilitating their learning and safety. Early Childhood Educators are employed as directors or teachers of preschool or tutors and fulfill their duties by providing fun and new learning opportunities and environments for their students.

What's the Income and Growth Rate for Early Childhood Education Careers?

In 2017, preschool teachers earned a median income of $28,990, and elementary school teachers earned a median salary of $56,900, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Preschool teachers are expected to see a higher-than-average growth of 10% between 2016 and 2026 while kindergarten teachers see a 7% growth (average growth).