Rasmussen College Online

Rasmussen College Overview Educating for over 110 years Provides virtual tutoring for all online students Offers practical, pragmatic, and relevant courses for employment Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Rasmussen College has campuses across the nation, located in Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Offering on-campus, online, and blended-learning education in undergraduate, diploma and certificate programs, Rasmussen College allows students flexibility in learning.

Rasmussen College is Ranked at Successful Student:

#14 in the 20 Best App Development Colleges

#3 in the 15 Best Animation and Graphic Design Colleges Online Associate’s in Graphic Design: Animation and Motion Graphics Associate’s in Graphic Design: Web and Interactive Design Bachelor’s in Graphic Design: Animation and Motion Graphics Bachelor’s in Graphic Design: Web and Interactive Design


Business: The curricula was crafted in a collaborative effort of professional course designers. Programs range from Finance, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and others.

Certificate Bachelor’s Degrees

Education: Concentrates on childhood education, offering degrees in Early Childhood Education, Child Development and Childcare Specialist.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Technology and Design: The curricula are reviewed, evaluated and updated on a continuing basis to ensure that students have key knowledge and effective skills that are demanded from modern employers. Students have a wide variety of programs from which to select, and Rasmussen offers IT certifications including certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft.

Associate’s Degrees Bachelor’s Degrees

Justice Studies: The online Criminal Justice program prepares students for entry-level employment in the criminal justice system. It was designed in a collaborative effort between criminal justice and legal specialists. Real-world education is offered in corrections, criminal justice, investigation, homeland security, paralegal, law enforcement and other fields.

Associate’s Degree Certificate

Health Sciences: Courses provide the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of education required for success in the field of healthcare. Students are trained for many entry-level jobs in a wide variety of medical fields.

Associate’s Degree Good to Know Faculty

The majority of Rasmussen College’s full-time faculty have advanced degrees in their respective fields in which they teach. Each faculty member that teaches online is trained and certified for the online teaching program.

Admissions and Financial Aid

A high school diploma or a GED is required for admission. The Admissions department guides applicants through the application process, and financial aid representatives assist students with financial aid application needs.