Online Game Design, Game Art, and Mobile Development Degrees


What do Online Game Design and Game Art Degrees teach?

It is looking like video games are here to stay – which creates an increasing need for professionals to design and create these games. That’s where an online degree in Game Design comes into play. While earning this degree, students will be taught the basics of 3D modeling, digital painting and imaging, anatomy illustration and interactive game development and more. The degrees typically incorporate a blend of art (including both theory and creation), mythology, story telling and finally the technological and programming aspects to develop and build the games. Often times, the game design certification is a specialization of a computer science, programming or art degree.

What do Game Designers and Game Artists do?

Typically, video games are created by a team of specialists who are ultimately responsible for imagining, creating and developing the concept, characters, environments, etc of a game. The designers work as and with designers, artists and programmers to fulfill all aspects of the finished product.

What is the Salary and Growth Rate for Careers in Game Design and Game Art?

In 2017, the median salary for Multimedia Artists and Animators was $70,530 per year, and an 8% growth is expected from 2016 to 2026.